A refreshing change to IT Recuitment, Search and Selection


A global FTSE company in growth had just reorganised in to a regional operating model as part of a new 3 year strategy. New Regional Leadership teams were recruited who had realised there was a strategic gap in using technology to enable growth, but did not have the internal capability and knowledge within their regional IT Teams.

Through strategic consultation, we were asked to conduct a search for the regional CIO’s to deliver and maintain the IT strategy going forward.

The organisation:

  • Turnover £1.5bn
  • 11,000 Employees
  • Decentralised in a regional focused operating model
  • 50 global sites
  • Each business was autonomous and profit focused
  • IT Strategy had just been defined by us and agreed with the regional leadership and group, highlighting the internal talent need.


To conduct a full market search leading to the selection of regional CIO’s who had the capability knowledge and experience to manage rapidly growing regions, picking u up the IT strategy, deliver its roadmap, maintaining and updating the strategy through annual strategic cycles and market changes.

Action taken*

  • Job description and role design – skills, competencies, behaviours, accountabilities
  • Engagement of internal stakeholders
  • Global searches
  • Full candidate screening by former CIO’s
  • Shortlist presented to client
  • Professional CIO interview support to client through all stages
  • Post interview support activities
  • Appointment
  • Post appointment support available to recruited CIO’s from our team of professionals

Results Achieved

  • Objectives, brief and additional value delivered
  • Satisfied client and stakeholders
  • Fulfilled and motivated appointees, performing from day one
  • Client recruitment cost effective objectives met
  • Successful induction / on-boarding through our professional post appointment support
  • Phase 1 Strategy delivered enabling growth drivers

Why we are different

  • We don’t employ generic recruiters
  • All recruitment is done by former CIO’s, IT Directors and IT Professionals
  • We offer full professional practitioner support to clients through the whole process
  • Our solutions are cost effective
  • We are flexible to clients’ needs
  • We offer full post appointment support from former CIO’s, IT Directors and IT Professionals

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* Case Study Note – IT search and recruitment strategic support actions are not the same. They vary by brief, strategy, organisation, operating model and culture they operate in. The case study above is an example of some highlighted strategic actions taken, based on a given customer scenario and requirements. Actions shown above should not be used as a generic search and selection strategy without any professional consultation to the best direction and solution for your organisation in the dedicated recruitment of professional and technical talent.

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A refreshing change to IT Recruitment, Search and Selection
A modern breath of fresh air change to IT recruitment | An example of some value added professional IT recruitment solutions and strategies IT Strategy Consulting can offer any size organisation