IT Governance

IT Governance has been significantly modernised over recent years, moving rapidly away from the old adages of strict control of technology, to partnering with business teams to release the potential and value technology can bring when the demand and supply of IT is managed through a modern structured value enabling governance model.

Unfortunately today, modern IT Governance is not yet well understood, and is often confused with many outdated theoretical models and frameworks still in existence in books and on the Internet, limiting the realisation of what is current recognised best practice. Innocently, in organisations, where these outdated complex models,  frameworks and vocabularies have been implemented, IT governance fails the organisation and gets much bad press.

Our team can help you in the design, development and implementation of a best practice modern IT Governance model, structure and process , through tried and tested methods.

  • We will work with you to tailor your IT Governance model and structure to current best practices
  • We will guide you through the implementation of new IT governance processes
  • We will identify and assist in the correction of problems with previous IT governance implementations
  • We will help you set up a continuous improvement process and relevant KPI’s
  • We will assist you in aligning your new governance processes to your organisations Management System
  • We will keep you informed post implementation of updates to IT Governance best practices.