IT Advisory

The modern business IT estate has evolved greatly in recent years, moving far beyond the traditional management of business transactional systems, communications systems and infrastructure to support them, to now high potential value adding technologies that make real business impact.

Recognised technology value today,  in high performing businesses enables growth, drives operational improvement analyses  business and market opportunities, assists in the development of new products and services, whilst also connecting businesses and partners across geographical boundaries through collaborative communications.

Moving from traditional to modern IT can be a challenge but the benefits are a great reward. In recognition, we  offer a number of IT advisory services to businesses.

Some areas of focus include:

  • IT Strategy
  • Technologies enabling growth
  • Technologies enabling operational improvement
  • Cost optimisation and containment
  • Technologies enabling global businesses to collaborate
  • IT Executive Search and Senior IT Recruitment Solutions
  • Interim IT Management and specialists
  • Analytics
  • IT organisational design, job descriptions, career and development frameworks
  • IT Management / leadership coaching
  • IT Governance
  • Problem diagnosis, solving and root cause analysis
  • Advice on delicate and sensitive issues of change
  • CIO, IT Director Surgery and Advice – Want specific advice? need to sanity check an idea? need your strategy validating ready for the Board and Exec? your first time in an IT Executive role and need advice?
  • CFO IT Advice – Just taken on an IT department and need advice? How can IT help me get better economic performance? need help preparing for audits?
  • CEO IT Advice – How can my IT Function add value and help deliver my strategy?
  • COO IT Advice – How can IT assist me with operational and company performance?
  • HR Director IT Advice – How do I get IT people to perform better? need help reorganising IT? need help adopting professional job roles / profiles, IT professional / career development and talent structures?
  • Marketing Director – IT Advice – How does IT help me drive the top line? what is SEO? how do I adopt social and digital marketing? how can I manage the voice of the customer better?
  • Board of Directors IT Advice – What IT risks are we exposed to? what controls are in place? what is missing? Do we have the right people in the right roles to deliver our strategy?

Our professional advice is based on the value and impact of technology and your IT organisation tailored to your specific business needs. All advice give is independent.